The Musa Lair was established in 2008 to “serve our clients with the ultimate grooming experience.”  The community in which we work every day, East Point, Georgia, is the crossroads of some of the richest and poorest in Atlanta.  In an effort to serve the community which has lifted us up, we are extending our grooming services to some of the most deserving through PROM KINGS.  Last year we worked with Tri-Cities High School counselors to identify 6 fortunate students for the launch of PROM KINGS.  Through this program we have groomed, coached, educated and styled these young men who are in financial need and have academic good standing.
We are in the midst of our etiquette series and their aptitude and gratitude does not stop.  I am so committed to each of them, and we need your love to help close the loop on our final goal of our etiquette classes … a dope prom experience for them and their dates!  This includes new suits (for prom and job interviews,) dinner and a killer ride to the dance.  As you can tell, we are excited about this one … these kings have so much to offer us and the community.
If you do anything today, please donate to support our efforts. More information is available upon request!